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FatLicious - The Quick Start Ketogenic Guide Book

This Guide Book is the best out there.  It holds the simple, yet effective way to get started in the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Manage Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels!

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Just a quick note...Chef Bobby here...

I was born in New Orleans and raised in Mississippi. I lost almost 70 lbs with FatLicious, a Better Way of Doing Keto.  I was a Type-2 Diabetic and Now I am off all medications and feeling better than I have since I was in High-School.

This Guide Book is the best out there because it simply explains:
1. What is Keto
2. How to get into Ketosis
3. Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat
4. The Link between Inflammation and Sugar
5. Intermittent Fasting 

This Book is a lot of information backed by scientific research showing just how the Ketogenic Diet can Save your life of the life of someone you love. 

Even if you only read it and get some of the good information out of it, it is worth it.

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Cook - Eat - Love

Chef Bobby 

Here are some of the chapters included:
  •  What is Keto
  •  How to Safely Get into Ketosis
  • Which Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat
  •  Healthy Oils and Healthy Fats: What's the Difference
  •  Diet Myths
  •  Sugar and Inflammation
  •  The Truth about Salt: What you need to know!
  •  What Makes you Fat