"Never Trust a Fat Chef"
     Chef Bobby
Lost 70lbs between these two pictures! Both were taken at the Country Music Awards, where I was catering...
Never trust a skinny Chef…

That is what I have always heard…but...

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, you should
probably STOP LISTENING to the FAT Chef!

What about a Chef that lost 70 lbs by eating crazy delicious food?

Hi! I am Chef Bobby.

I was fat...I was unhealthy...I was a Type-2 Diabetic.  

NOW, I have lost almost 70 lbs.  My cholesterol and blood pressure have drastically dropped and the inflammation in my body is nonexistent.  

I REVERSED my Type-2 Diabetes...

AND got off my STATIN DRUGS - which actually do a lot of damage to your body. 

My wife, Melissa, is a Type 1 Diabetic and was diagnosed with Crohn's.  Her doctor is amazed that her inflammation has dropped so low its hardly noticable.  Also, her blood sugars are so stable and with most FatLicious meals, she doesn't take extra insulin.

She does this because there are little to no blood sugar spikes with my recipes.  

This is a great program for those fighting high blood sugar, diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) or even those that just want to eat LOW-CARB and get rid of the SUGAR, while losing weight...

Without sacrificing the flavor of their food... 

Again, You WILL NOT Sacrifice Flavor!!

Together with my research team, I've created this ground-breaking program filled with delicious recipes.  The cookbooks are meant for the home cook and awesome for family dinners.  

Finally excited to bring you:

"A Better Way of Doing Keto!"
The New and Scientifically Proven Way to Lose Belly Fat, Get and Stay Healthy by Eating Food that is Satisfying and Delicious!
Benefits of FATLICIOUS:
  •  Reverse Type-2 Diabetes
  •  Manage Type-1 Diabetes
  •  Lower Cholesterol
  •  Lower Blood Pressure
  •  Lose Fat
  •  Lose Inches
  •  Supercharge Energy Levels
  •  Increase Insulin Sensitivity
  •  Sleep Better
  •  Improve Joint Flexibility
  •  Get & Stay Healthy
The Biggest Benefit is that FatLicious was...

Created by a CHEF

So, not only do you get a plan that truly works, you get REAL RECIPES - MADE for the HOME COOK.

They are Delicious and Work!

There is a lot of information out there from all kinds of sources.  It would be great to get food advice from someone who KNOWS FOOD and NUTRITION...


This is the easiest to follow program and will
 change your life!


Have you ever wondered with all the dieting you have tried...

All the eating plans... 

With all the working out you’ve done...

Why haven’t you lost weight, gotten skinny, healthier, etc.?  

It’s because of “focus.” No, not YOUR focus – You did all the right things according to the current fad or trend in dieting. It was the focus of the diet you were trying.  

These diet MYTHS
Calories in/Calories Out”, “Eat Low Fat”, “Eat Small Portions”, “Grazing” and “Eat High Protein” are just a few we’ve tried and they DON’T work! 

They focused on the wrong things. They were using misinformation we have been given over the last 40 years. 

What you have been told in the past was WRONG! 

FatLicious explores these false dogmas and gets the facts straight, so you can lose weight and feel better.

FatLicious is the answer.  Given the chance, I will show you how easy it is to be a healthier you... I will be on the journey with you.

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The FatLicious Digital Bundle Includes...
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                 Spices and Sauces

Soups, Salads, Sides and Extras

Beef, Chicken & Pork
Fish and Seafood

Dips, Butters and Desserts       
This is 
Chef Bobby's
Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook
Chef Bobby's Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook was broken into 5 Individual Books...
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Printer Friendly versions of all 5 cookbooks.  When you want to print a recipe, you will not have to use all the color ink in your printer!!! A special gift from a Chef who knows!
Print One Recipe at a Time
Recipes are Printer Friendly
Each eBook can be downloaded instantly after you order - Onto ANY device or computer, which means you can get started RIGHT NOW!
FatLicious Bundle
Don't forget, you ALSO get the 5 Printer Friendly versions of the Cookbooks
Retail Price: $177
Your Special Price of $59 for a Limited Time
  • Easy to Follow Program Guide Book 
  • FatLicious Deviled Eggs Cookbook
  • Five FatLicious Cookbooks
  •  > Spices and Sauces
  •  > Soups, Salads, Sides and Extras
  •  > Fish and Seafood
  •  > Beef, Chicken and Pork
  •  > Dips, Butters and Desserts
  •   Five Bonuses
  •  > Cravings Guide - What They Really Mean
  •  > Equipment Guide
  •  > Food Triggers that Burn or Store Fat
  •  > Dining Out on FatLicious
  •  > Kitchen Conversion Tables Guide
  •  Five Printer Friendly Versions of the Cookbooks
As part of the FatLicious VIP Group, you get
Everything in one BIG BUNDLE.  
Retail Price: $177
Your Special Price of $59 for a Limited Time
My FatLicious VIPs,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you improve your life and those closest to you. 

This project has taken me a long time to put together. A lot of hours, lots of late nights and eyes going cross-eyed from looking at the computer screen for hours on end. 

I know it will help you be a healthier you.  

I look forward to hearing about the awesome results in your life from being a part of the FatLicious community.

Good Luck! May you have all the results you deserve. Let's get healthy together!

-Chef Bobby

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